Mets, Wright aim for mid-March timetable to start playing the field

The Mets do not expect David Wright to play any third base for a couple more weeks. The Mets’ captain is battling spinal stenosis and coming off surgery for a herniated disk that saw him miss 125 games last season. Wright has been able to swing the bat and field ground balls for a couple of months, but has just recently began throwing a baseball for the first time since his surgery in June.

Manager Terry Collins said mid-March is the current timetable for Wright to begin playing third base. “He is making strides,” Collins said. “You are looking at, three weeks from today we will have a real good idea where he is at.” Wright is expected to DH this weekend in the team’s first exhibition game against the Red Sox. How he progresses over the next six weeks will give a glimpse to the Mets and their fans, just what type of production they will get this year out of the seven-time All-Star.


What is the point of this blog?

In this blog page, I am going to be covering and writing about the New York Mets. With Spring Training starting up and the regular season looming, there should be plenty news to cover and keep up on. – This source is relevant because SNY covers the Mets and are the primary broadcasters of Met games. – MLB Network has a television presence that provides Mets information but also releases clips on the internet that are available for analysis and consumption. – This source is significant because Bleacher Report aggregates Mets information from Twitter, Facebook, the MLB, and the team itself all into one. This site is good to curate through and find up to date news. – Barstool provides sports coverage on a more satirical, common man view on baseball and specific teams. This source would provide a different view from the traditional media coverage. – ESPN has writers that are specifically tasked with covering the Mets so having this as a source will also be helpful. – This is a blog that covers the Mets intently, keeping up with the news and is also a nontraditional media source. – The 7 Line is probably the most well-known Mets fanbase/blog on the internet. They often rent the entire section on right-center field and organize trips with large groups of fans to away games. – The Daily News runs this blog even though it is still more of a traditional media source, it covers the Mets throughout the season written by a journalist that is a Mets fan. – Another blog-type sources that posts Mets information that is very detailed and in-depth. Also provides post-game analysis. – Reddit will not be used as the exact source, but the links that people/users post will be viewed and taken into consideration. Reddit allows users to post their own views and opinions on what is happening in current Mets news.