Jay Bruce starting to get comfortable in N.Y.

Jay Bruce got off to a rough start in New York after the Mets traded for him at the trade deadline last August. At the time of the trade, Bruce was statistically one of the best hitters in baseball leading the MLB in home runs, 25, and RBIs, 80. He struggled after the trade, only hitting eight home runs with 19 RBI in 50 games. The New York crowd and media got on him quickly; something he was not accustomed to playing in the smaller market of Cincinnati.

It was reported that Bruce felt uncomfortable in the hostile environment that is New York fans and that the Mets were looking to trade him in the offseason. After not getting a good enough offer, the Mets decided to hold on to him, and it’s paying dividends.

With six homers and 14 RBI 14 games, he’s one of the only hitters in the Mets’ everyday lineup that they can rely on. Tonight against the Phillies, Bruce homered twice and drove in all five runs as the Mets won 5-4. He is warming up to New York and the fans are warming up to him. After his second home run that put the Mets ahead, Bruce came out for a curtain call after being egged on by the home crowd.


Jay Bruce Slams Two Home Runs As Mets End Four Game Skid


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