Can it get any worse? Syndergaard has torn lat

Noah Syndergaard left the game against the Nationals in the second inning after throwing a pinch and doubling over pain. He had just skipped a couple of starts due to bicep tendinitis, and it was clear he was not ready to pitch and rushed back too quick, as he gave up five runs in the first inning. Syndergaard refused an MRI before pitching on Sunday, a move that is now being heavily criticized.

Again, the incompetence of the Mets to mishandle injuries is mind-numbing. This is arguably the most important player on the team, a Cy Young contender, who is now going to be out, at the very least, 8 weeks (although there is no official timetable).

So now, the Mets are without their two most important players on the entire team. Yoenis Cespedes and Noah Syndergaard because they rushed back from injuries when they were not ready and will now be out an extended period of time. This team is not good enough to lose their best pitcher and best hitter and be considered a contender to win the division. With Steven Matz STILL not back from injury, a Mets rotation that was considered to be the best in baseball, is now struggling to put respectable pitchers on the mound.



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