Mets suspend Matt Harvey for 3 days

On Sunday, the Mets announced Matt Harvey would not be making his scheduled start against the Marlins after being held a three game suspension that started on Saturday. Just the latest debacle for this franchise. Instead the Mets had to call up Adam Wilk for a spot start, who arrived into LaGaurdia at 7 A.M. for a 1:10 P.M. start. Wilk got crushed by the Marlins and in 3 ²/₃ innings, allowed six runs, five earned, and eight hits.

Harvey did not show up to Citi Field on Saturday for the game against the Marlins. It has since been found out that he was out partying in the city until 4 A.M. Saturday morning. The Mets were so concerned with him not showing up, the team sent security to his home to make sure everything was okay. This is not the first time he has not shown up to a game either.

Harvey and Met fans have had a turbulent relationship. It started two seasons ago, when during the heat of a playoff hunt, Harvey’s agent said he would stop pitching due to an innings limit. However, Harvey ignored the limit after backlash, and had a near heroic World Series performance, and if the Mets won that game, he would have been loved forever. Since then, he had a terrible 2016 season that saw him miss the second half of the year due to surgery, and a subpar start to 2017 coupled with this fiasco. Many Met fans are sick of his antics now that he is not performing. They could deal with it when he was pitching like a Cy Young candidate.

Manager Terry collins said Harvey will have to address his teammates on Tuesday when he returns to the clubhouse. Jose Reyes said, “You’re an employee, you have to understand you need to show up for your work. That’s the rules that the team has since spring training. As a grown man, you’ve got a job to do. You have to understand: If you don’t show up, you’re going to pay the consequence.” Not all players spoke about the situation, but you can’t help but wonder if this is how they all feel.

When asked if the Mets players still even respect Harvey, Terry Collins said, “I can’t answer that, I don’t know.”




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